Thursday, September 30, 2010


I got the camera out this morning to give you a crawling update.

Yes, they can crawl, it is the one-knee, one-foot technique that Jada displays here.  So fun to watch!

One of Jada’s favorite things to do it shut the door.

9-30 085

Adia does the same kind of crawl.  They both are pushing up on things now too…

9-30 108 

Adia giggles at this new toy the neighbors gave us.  She loves her telephones!

9-30 089

So, my post was just going to be about the girls crawling. Then I saw this.

Jada found the lens cap to the camera.

9-30 098

She told Adia.

9-30 099

And they proceeded to share it. I have seem them pass toys before but thought it was coincidental. But this was no coincidence.

9-30 101

Jada would take it and suck on it and then give it to Adia, who would also suck on it and then hand it back.

9-30 102

I am hoping this trend continues as they grow!  :)


Minders said...

They are so cute and so sweet!!

Holli said...

SO CUTE!!! (I think I say that on every post - but it is TRUE!) Can you guys come over to teach Stella and Simone??? They "pass" it by GRABBING and PUSHING and PULLING and one CRIES! :)

Eric & Marissa Bahler said...

Yay for crawling! Isn't it crazy the bizarre techniques they use? Hilarious. Your girls have to be the best dressed babies ever... love their (ok.. your) style! :)

Heidi said...

The trend will be there.. I was just thinking to myself the other day.. as people would use to tell me having twin becomes so much easier when they are older because they have a playmate all the time. It's so true .. my twins could play all morning together and I never hear a peep's truly the best to see them love each other so much. The girls have gotten so big .. always love following a long.. oh how I wish I could see Jonas with them:)

Wells L said...

Too precious!

Wee said...

Such a sweet family! You tell your girls that I love piggies too!