Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Heroes

I had some appointments near my Mom’s and she graciously agreed to watch the girls while I got a bit done. 


The girls love to play at Grandpa and Grandma’s.

My favorite part of the day came near the end.  Mom picked pears for me at Chad’s house and then Jeff and Mom made bunches of pear baby food for our freezer!  It would have taken me so long by myself!



LauraZ said...

Amy it was so good to see you today! I just wanted to send you my email address and blog

Laura Zoeller

Would love to get together with you sometime.

Kristen said...

Man, I want some pear baby food. :) Sounds yummy!

Wee said...

You have a great Mom!!

Heather said...

the baby food sounds great, but what I loved was Jeff's shirt.. hilarious!

Justin & Sarah said...

Awww Amy - what a blessing to have your mom so close by.