Monday, September 27, 2010

One of my favorite games to play with little kids is “airplane” as it usually is a complete favorite and it transcends any language barrier.  Seriously, next time you can’t communicate with kids and you are dying to connect, lay on your back and get one to trust you enough and soon, you will have every kid laughing.

Adia was delighted with the new game…

9-26 002

Most kids never let go of my hands, but as soon as Adia was up in the air, she pulled her hands free.

9-26 018 

Besides new people and crowds, I really haven’t found much the girls are afraid of.  I learned last night that apparently Jada has a fear of heights! We had lift-off…

9-26 007

and I could feel her little heart pounding.

9-26 014

Aah, much better.  Maybe “airplane” will never be her favorite game.  It is okay, one of mama’s favorite things is snuggling. :)

Happy Monday!


Sarah said...

I just love Adia's toothless smile! Too funny!

Jessica said...

I just wanna "eat" your girls everytime I see them on your blog! That's a good thing, not a bad thing! haha

Wells L said...

Her eyes said it all "YIKES!" - too precious!

Holli said...

same in ours!! simone LOVES it!!!!!!! stella is TERRIFIED!!!