Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh So Big

We had a doctor’s appointment and it confirmed what my back was already telling me, the girls are growing!


My Mom went met us because, these girls are busy! 

September Random 009

This is as soon as I set them on the table, going two separate directions.

September Random 015

September Random 016

Jada is 19 lbs 9 oz, Adia is 20 lbs 4 oz.

They jumped up in the percentile scale and are both in about the 50th!

On another topic…

Thanks to Ashley for researching the toy in the previous post.  It actually has a name.  Ollie!  Apparently they are hard to find now, no wonder because our neighbor told us that it is 34 years old! 

Poor Ollie, managed to keep his hair for 34 years and will be bald with these girls before he is 35!

I like the old school toys better.  I mean, I can sit on this thing and it doesn’t even flinch, washable, amazing.

Contrary to this, I bought the girls a toy they could push around.  This was my only option, but if there ever was a toy that was “over-educational”, this is it!  It is crazy.  See the number buttons?  They are actually a piano and have an animal on it.  If you push the five it says, “hear the blue dog bark 5 times”.  Whoa. 

September Random 019

less than a month later, it’s isn’t working!  Grr.  Let’s hear it for the good ole’ Ollie’s!


MJgerst said...

The girls have officially passed Charlie up. At his 12 month appt. he was 17lbs 14oz! They are looking so cute!!

smw said...

it is so funny to hear your thoughts on the over educational nature. it's so true. and it really is a pet peeve of mine how things used to be made to last, and now everything is made cheap so we have to keep buying more. i agree. grr...

Todd ~ Teresa said...

I can't believe they are that big. They got the eating thing figured out. :) Your back will be glad when they walk.

Kristi said...

I totally remember Ollie! I just don't remember where he lived... I think at one of my grandparents', maybe.

Jessica said...

I have that same toy Amy and have had it since Lexie's 1st birthday...she will be 3 next month and it has worked ever since! Maybe you bought a bad one?!?!

2Dimples4Me said...

I had an Ollie growing up! I saw your blog where you asked what it was called. We always called mine Ollie but I thought it was a name we gave it...didn't know we were so official! I loved him and have pictures of me on him still!

Now you have made me wonder whatever happened to him....

Your girls are getting so big! And as cute as ever!