Friday, September 24, 2010

Ideas For What To Do On A L-O-N-G Afternoon…

Sometimes in our house, the afternoons can go kind of s-l-o-w.  Especially when the girls take short naps and I am excited about something in the evening. 

The weekend can’t officially start until Daddy gets home and the books have been read, we have exhausted the swing and played with all our toy…so this is the fun new game we learned at Grandma’s house. 

The Cheerio Crawl:

Rules: put a container full of Cheerios on the floor and start eating!

9-24 019

Hmm…I like this game…

9-24 022

Wow, sister’s hair is even more fun than Cheerios!

9-24 024 

Practicing the V-Sit Reach

9-24 027

They both like the container as much as the Cheerios

9-24 028

9-24 031

So, that is what we do on a long afternoon.

9-24 030

What do you do?


bethany said...

thats a great idea amy! you could also try scattering them in a line, like a trail around the house! your girls are adorable; i love seeing them grow!

-bethany gerber

Kristi said...

wow! and look at all of those little "cheerio curls"! ADORABLE!

I have to admit... this long afternoon was shortened when Adilynn went to play with Honor and Eden for a few hours! (I think the rest of the family got some time in, too, but they had to fight for it.)

Feel free to give us a call some afternoon! We'd love to have you come play!

Wee said...

Visiting the Gutwein household might shorten those long afternoons! Just a thought.....

Jarrin said...

hmmm i'm babysitting for steph right now so things were slightly more... interesting you could say than on my other normal days ;-]
a nice game of futbol helped fill the later afternoon for the boys though! yay! haha

Justin & Sarah said...

Are those skinny-jeans I see on the girls? :) I just bought Paige a pair too. Aren't they just so stinkin' cute in them?