Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Double The Fun

There is something captivating about similar-looking twins. I think, what can be cuter than two curly-headed girls? 

4 curly-headed girls.  :)

Through the wonderful adoption social circle, we have been blessed by a friendship of another adoptive family who have twin girls from Colombia.  Though we have never met the family we don’t feel like strangers.  They have sent us a box of twin clothes and I have received so much support from the mother. 

Last week they brought us more twin clothes, toys and books.  So fun to finally meet!

Their mother said they save things for “the other twins”.

10-21 165  

10-21 156

10-21 167

Thanks for coming girls! 

We so enjoyed our time with you!


Mindy said...

What a beautiful group of girls!!

Wells L said...

Just precious!

erica said...

What beautiful girls! And on a side note - my husband and I are in Colorado right now, so we weren't able to be at Regg and Bev's wedding or reception. Our oldest daughter (who stayed home) called me the other night and told me that she got to see you and your girls "in real life" at the reception. She informed me that they're just as cute in real life as they are online! ;) Hope to meet them in person someday!

mamamargie said...

Beautiful girls!