Friday, October 1, 2010

Lovin’ the animals!

The girls have been completely delighted that a few blocks from our house, there are animals!  Their favorites seem to be the piggies. Jada can even say “piggy”.

“Do you think we should pet him, Jada?”

9-30 049

9-30 050

9-30 080 

(We weren’t directly behind the horse, don’t worry!)

“Yee-Haw!  We love the fair!”

9-30 068

9-30 072

Out of the blue, a lady came over and without asking, grabbed Jada and walked away. Really?! Jada, my little girl who gets scared of even people she knows!  This woman had the idea that we needed to get a picture of the girls on her daughter’s horse. “She’s never had twins ride her before”!

9-30 078

We laughed, tried to be gracious, took the picture and as we were walking away heard, “Who is the Mom?”  “I am”.  The lady looked a bit more and Jon volunteered, “and I’m the Dad”.  She looked at us and said, “How’d they get dark”?  We told her it came as a complete surprise to us. 

Just kidding. We explained a bit about adoption and then bee-lined out of the horse barn. :)

9-30 091

It was getting cold so we decided to head home.  The girls hit their second wind and both just wanted to give Daddy kisses! :)

9-30 097

Daddy didn’t mind one bit!

9-30 101

And to make the evening complete, Tiff stayed with the girls after they went to bed and Jon and I had our 2nd official “date night” since we have been parents!


Sandra said...

wow...seriously...someone asked how they got dark? To funny. I guess not everyone knows about adoption huh:).
Sure do enjoy your posts.

smw said...

oh my word. if some stranger ever came up and just took my kid, i can't imagine what i'd do. i'm really not even all for people i know well just grabbing them from me. very interesting.

Lisa said...

Creepy for sure. Looks like the girls are having such a blast!

Mindy said...

too funny - I can't imagine the comments that come your way with a dark baby. We've had a few so far and it definately is best just to laugh it off. :) Those girlies are too stinkin' cute!!