Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Major Shout Outs!

Happy Monday! 

We got our family pictures taken by Jenna at Our family won their Christmas contest and so we had a free session. She did an incredible job and is located in Bluffton, IN.  She does a lot of on-site stuff where she will drive to your home or other favorite location and take pictures of you in your environment.  We recommend her!

Gerst 007 web


Gerst 017 web

Gerst 001 web

Gerst 039 web

Gerst 023 web

And those adorable headbands that you see?

YAY for Tricia at Frills and Flowers!

Gerst 023

Gerst 025 web 

Gerst 028 web

I decided on Monday that I wanted some new flowers and on skinny headbands so we wouldn’t hide those curls and to perfectly match the girls’ dresses.

The problem being I knew she was going to have to rush to make them before pictures and that purple is really hard to find.

She did it!  The day before the pictures, an envelope arrived with the flowers I ordered, plus a few extra for fun!

Visit Tricia here, she excels at custom frills!

Thanks Jenna and Tricia! We so appreciate it!


Minders said...

Beautiful pictures!!! The girls look stunning (and you and Jon too)! :)

Mouseymom said...

Thank you for the shout out!! Love how the girls look in the headbands!!! The pictures are amazing!!! wow, what a treasure!

Daveana said...

They're all great! I really love the second picture a lot!

smw said...

great pics. i LOVE the 2nd one. adorable.

Jessica said...

Just beautiful! I showed my husband the pictures and he couldn't believe they were the same little babies we saw in Mekele. What an awesome gift they are.

Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures!! And very cute headbands! Thanks so much for the info about the fingerprinting appointments. I think Drew is going to call today and see if he can talk to someone about combining our appointments. Did you get the email I sent you last week? I just wanted to make sure I didn't do something wrong and that I actually sent it right :)