Friday, October 8, 2010

Quiet Babies Cannot Be Trusted

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The good kind of quiet.  Sitting with Daddy while he works:

10-8 122

10-8 124

The new kind of quiet:

10-8 131

That’s right, Jada decided to do her own moisturizing.  Too bad that product is full of about 5 kinds of oils!  Yuck, Yuck.

On the upside, she smells GREAT!

It’s official, we are in to everything.  Oh my, looks like I need another round of childproofing. :)


MamaMimi said...

Oh DEAR! But she looks SO cute doing so!

Eric & Marissa Bahler said...

Shane (Beer) told us a long time ago "you don't childproof your house, you houseproof your child"... but after having two tikes getting into everything I'm wondering if he still feels that way ;) Elliott's favorite is to splash in the toilet.. gotta love their messes!

Janell said...

This picture looks all too familiar. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, I remember the days when I would childproof a room just to realize I had to RE-childproof a room. Then a week later opps--start all ove. You'll find out that they will soon learn to assist each other rather silently to achieve a common goal. Then add to that covering for each other--to funny.

I am about ready to start my 3 box of clothes, shoes, coats, what nots all matching of course...for you. I was thinking about seeing if the twins would like a play date sometime. I could bring the boxes then. I'll email you.

Laura L. said...

The best way to child proof your house is just let your little one loose and follow her around...she'll quickly point out everything that needs moved. I think you can teach them to avoid 1 or 2 things (e.g. Zoie doesn't bother Mark's guitar that's in the living room) but it's too much to expect them to remember multiple "don't touch" items.

Justin & Sarah said...

LOL!! Ah yes... We have had many run-ins with diaper creams, shampoo, etc. :) Anytime that it is quiet in my house, I cringe at what scene I might be walking into... :) Good thing the girls are so ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!