Thursday, October 7, 2010

Filling In The Cracks…

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I have been rejoicing over your response!  Many of you have posted information about Orphan Sunday on your Facebook or blog and 4 people have committed to posting events on the Orphan Sunday website!  (Unfortunately, none of them from IN, where I am really needing events on the map, but I am still rejoicing!!! :)


Because I have received multiple e-mails with questions to learn more about Orphan Sunday and because we are one month away from November 7th, I am going to post a few more details. 

However, I will first give you a few Jada and Adia moments to keep you with me.

Yes, these are still from the fair, but crackin’ me up! Jon took the girls on this old Conestoga wagon to pose with them and Adia loved the gun!

9-30 072

9-30 065

This apparently is Jon’s “Wagon Train Face”.

9-30 062

The Baby Swing:

In other news, the girls didn’t like the baby swing when they were younger and it would have been oh so helpful, of course not.  However, now, it is one of their favorite things to do.  I try to take them out and they laugh and shut the tray again! You can’t really tell Jada’s joy here because she still gets serious when the camera comes out. 

10-6 023 10-6 025

Jada is in the swing now.  I have to watch Adia closely though, because when she isn’t in the swing, she is a little jealous and sits in front of it, sometimes too close and cries as the swing hits her in the back of the head, over and over.

in contrast to Jada’s serious faces to the camera, Adia has turned into a cheeseball with my little camera.  She sees that red light before the flash and cheeses it up! 

10-6 009 10-6 005

Back to Orphan Sunday Details:

Here is a really helpful message sent from the Christian Alliance for Orphans. It is chuck full of links to follow!

Dear Orphan Advocate,

If you haven’t already, plan your Orphan Sunday event today!

As you do, you’re also part a national echo with churches across America and beyond.  It’s about waking the Church to God’s heart for the orphan and what we can do in response.

Here are three great options for your Orphan Sunday event:

1) Simulcast Concert with the Desperation Band.  Invite youth pastors and student leaders (and the young in heart!) to host this LIVE simulcast concert on the night of Friday, November 5.  Learn more here! (You can also download free concert posters on the Orphan Sunday resources page.)

2) Answer the Cry DVD.  This 60-minute program highlights ways every Christian can make a lasting difference for an orphan.  Answer the Cry is hosted by bestselling author Francis Chan and features music performances by award-winning artists Steven Curtis Chapman and Mark Schultz. A limited number of DVDs are available at no charge to anyone hosting an Orphan Sunday event, whether in a small living room or a massive church.  Answer the Cry will also be available for streaming as of November 1, 2010.   To request a DVD, please email here by October 25, with your name, mailing address and a brief description of your event. 

3) An Event You Create.  Orphan Sunday events are as unique as their organizers, from a sermon or Sunday morning prayer to home group Bible study or fundraiser.  The Orphan Sunday site has 59 FREE downloadable resources, and 14 FREE partnership packages and other ideas to help you create your event.

And, once you’ve decided what you’ll do, make sure to post your event on the Orphan Sunday MAP!

What’s the ultimate goal?  Hearts coming to share God’s heart.  Choices made.  Lives altered.  Children rescued.  And God glorified as His people are again known as defenders of the fatherless.

Isn’t that fabulous?  It is so easy to hold an event, you can gather your friends in your living room and watch a free dvd!

Thank you everyone for your help and encouragement, now, let’s go plan those events!

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