Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall, Where Are You Going?

Adia starts the funniest little facial expressions.  One day she started tilting her head, her next phase was scrunching her nose.  She now thinks it is so funny to stick out her tongue, her LONG tongue.

We went to a nearby state park to hike this past weekend and the girls were full of energy.

Adia could hardly keep her tongue in because she was so happy.

10-10 081

She kept us laughing with her antics.

10-10 090 

She would rather stick out her tongue instead of smile. :)

 10-10 090

Let me zoom in on that for you.

10-10 118

Jada cheered her on.  Jada applauds life about 1,000 times a day.

A few more pictures from our hike:

10-10 087

10-10 101

10-10 124

10-10 130

10-10 135

  We’ll take 365 days like this!

It seems like we often miss the leaves turning, so we were glad to catch them.

Oh, how is it the middle of October already???


Please continue praying for Katelyn.  It looks really serious.  She is in the ICU in St. Petersburg, FL. Her parents are with her and a grandma is staying with the other 4 children in Haiti.


Wells L said...

beautiful photos - it's been a gorgeous fall

mamamargie said...

Looks like you live in a place where fall is actually a season! Lucky you! Enjoy it while you can! :)

Alison said...

Precious pictures...precious baby girls!!

Suzy said...

Honestly, can they get any cuter? Our little Tait is a life clapper too! It was so nice to see your family two days in a row, actually, it was a blessing!

Eric & Marissa Bahler said...

Your girls look like they're just bursting with personality... LOVE it! Such a fun reflection of the fabulous Mama God chose for them :)

Amy said...

Beautiful, beautiful family!!! :)