Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Slice of Perfect

That is what a Fall afternoon with babies to enjoy feels like.  Perfect.

Happy 11 months, babies!

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But all things perfect have to come to an end, a riddle for you.

What is worse than one baby with a high fever during the night?

Two babies with high fevers in the middle of the night!

We know this is such a small problem in the light of what others deal with.  Please keep Katelyn in your prayers.

We got our vaccines yesterday and the girls also got flu shots. Has anyone had a similar experience of your kids getting really sick after vaccines? We have some very persistent, high fevers and I assume it relates to this?


mamamargie said...

Remember a vaccine is putting a small dose of a disease-causing substance into your child's body. Her body's immune system must fight to destroy that substance. When it does so it "remembers" what that substance is, thereby giving your child immunity.

A fever is one way the immune system has to fight off disease. It should be watched, but as long as it doesn't get too high (like over 102 degrees), jut let it do the job God designed it to do.

We decided to wait until our girls were a little older before vaccinating them, instead of keeping to the schedule. But, I know vaccines are a very controversial issue and I don't want to raise a controversy on your blog. :)

Hope they're feeling better now! :)

L, An and boys said...

There is an immune system stimulator in vaccines because the small amount of virus in a vaccine is disabled or inactive (or just too small) and won't cause a big enough response in the immune system for it to "remember" the particular disease. So the stimulator is what causes the fever most likely. The reaction is why your little girlies will remember a measles virus if they ever encounter one. That being said, if your girls always get pretty bad fevers, my ped recommended Tylenol 30 min before the vaccines would take place...that way it's on board already and minimizes the fever triggers a little bit. I tried it and it did seem to keep the symptoms of shots more mild I think the best thing to do though is space out the shots-then you get less stimulator to the immune system since each shot has it's own. If you ask the pediatrician, they are usually more than happy to work out a unique schedule for you that everyone is happy with. Also, some shots are optional-like flu, chicken pox, rotavirus (which is oral anyway), so if you want, you could skip those since they are usually not life threatening for an infant. It's up to you as the mommy, go with your instincts.


Jamie said...

I had to post... I just found your blog via Filled with Praise and have to say that your daughters are so adorable! My husband and I brought our daughter Charlotte home from Ethiopia in May of 2009, we have two bio babes and are in the process of adopting twins from Ethiopia. We're at the top of our agencies unofficial wait list and could be receiving a referral any day, week or month now! I'd love to follow along on your journey and would love any twin tips you'd be willing to part with!
Beneath the Acacia Tree

Joy said...

Amy, when my kids were younger they sometimes ran a low-grade fever, but only for about a day afterwards. Last week Courtney and Tyler got their "required" vaccines for high school/college and the next day Courtney woke up and had fever, felt sick to her stomach, and almost passed out. but within a few hours, she was fine...i assume it was the vaccines. Hopefully they will be their sweet, little chipper selves soon! (Jason and I are still unsure how we feel about vaccines...) :)

Jamie said...

Amy... Thanks for adding us to your sidebar I did the same if that is okay! Thanks too for the tidbits of advice and a welcome to the twin club :) If you don't mind me asking... did you and your husband wait specifically for twins or siblings or neither and I was just curious as to your wait time. We're currently in our 8th month of waiting with Gladney. Thanks again so much!
Beneath the Acacia Tree