Monday, October 25, 2010

We’ve Got Ourselves Some Sneaky Babies…

I have never raised a baby boy. My mom, who has raised two girls and three boys said, “They are like little boys in beautiful, little girls’ bodies!”.

They are busy girls and sneaky (which I attribute to their intelligence).  A mama always has to think they have the smartest kids, right?  :)

10-23 073

Little J’s response to my attempt at child-proofing.  Yes, that is an outlet plug that she has managed to pull out and put in her mouth. 

I also need your advice and expertise.  The littles have learned what the “no-no’s” are in our house.  Which is great.  As long as Mom or Dad is in the room, they don’t go near them.  Here is where the sneaky part comes in, as soon as we are not in eyeshot, they head directly for what is off-limits.  We have put up lots of things but could probably move some more.  There are a number of things we can’t move (cords, etc). 

I would like for them to learn no means no, regardless if Dad or Mom are watching.  Is this an impossible goal?  Do all babies get into the “no-no’s” as soon as their parents backs are turned? 

How did you combat this?  Short of rubber-matting our 1st floor, I am not sure what to do!  :)


If you live in the Fort Wayne area, Check this out!

My friend Wendy had a great idea.  She and four other families are combining:


Helping orphans

Family night

November 7th is Orphan Sunday. In honor of orphans everywhere we are sharing a deep dish pizza with any of you in the Fort Wayne area. In return, we'd love for you to make a donation to help feed orphans.
You place your order.
We deliver it to you along with a free copy of Answer the Cry video.
You give us a donation made payable to Show Hope.
You have a fun family night at home enjoying pizza and a movie that will get your family talking.
Your donation goes on to make a huge difference in the life of an orphan.

Check out the details on her blog!

Click here to learn more

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Justin & Sarah said...

Oh Amy - this is something that I constantly battle. Here are just a few things that I have learned: I can't force repentance. As Hudson got older and could understand more, I taught him that although mommy and daddy may not always "catch" you in your sin, God is everywhere and He sees everything. God hates sin.... etc. segway into gospel teaching. I have also found that when our teaching and discipline are not yielding results, prayer is the solution. When I beg God to bring repentance to Hudson's heart, I genuinely start to see change. After all, it is God who makes repentance even possible in our wicked hearts. :) As for when they are young... that is a tough one. I would say continue to teach, discipline, and pray, pray, pray. I will never forget something Kristen Plattner told me that she always prayed for her children, especially when they were teenagers: that God would reveal to her their sins done in secret. And more times than not, God did just that! You'll have to ask her about that sometime. Anyway, you and Jon are wonderful examples of Godly parents. The fact that you are concerned about this when they are this young, just goes to show how deeply you care for their little souls. :) Be encouraged! There will be many more "gray" areas to come, but God's grace is MORE than enough to meet every single one of those situations/decisions. I love you! I hope that you and Jon have a great time celebrating his birthday!