Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

We will see you in April.  **Sniff** The zoo is closed for the season. Due to the GORGEOUS weather and wanting to enjoy those animals one last time, Jon came with us for our last zoo visit of the year.

On the way out we had the following conversation:

Me: Hey Babe, did you want to grab the camera?

Jon: No, you know, you already have so many of the girls at the zoo and in those clothes.

Me: It’s their zoo outfits!  Come on, let’s take it.

Jon: Maybe just the little one. 

Oh my dear husband.  He was glad we brought the good camera.  He took 31 pictures of just the lions! hehehe. Love it! We have this fun big camera that we both need classes to learn how to use, but it is oh-so-fun!

Once more for the season, Jada and Adia at the zoo. :)

It was so fun to watch the girls find the animals.  They have come a long way in their zoo appreciation this year. Probably because they can finally find the animals!

 10-8 080

They both locked in on the giraffes, Adia tried to pull out herself out of the stroller.

10-8 087

“But I want to keep watching the giraffes!”

  10-8 095

And Jon did it.  He captured the essence of Jada in a photograph.

 10-8 096

We ran into lots of friends!  So much fun!

10-8 105 10-8 128

Waiting for the train

  10-8 124

We weren’t sure how the girls felt about the dark tunnel while on the train ride so we took a picture to see. Apparently very scary.

10-8 134 10-8 135

Adia loved looking at the chicks, so much in fact, she never wanted to leave. :) 

 10-8 138 

This is when Mommy took Jada away from Daddy.

 10-8 145

Just kidding. 

10-8 146 

And probably one of my favorite shots of all day.  The goat eating Jon’s hand and Jon trying to hold still so Adia can pet it…

Yay for the zoo!  We will see you in April.

Oh, I can’t forget the at least ONE Bill the Lion shot.

10-8 051

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Ashley said...

I especially love the one pic of Jada! What a great shot :)