Sunday, February 13, 2011

Everything You Wanted To Know About Us (and maybe a little more)

My dear Aunt Suz has awarded me as a stylish blogger. Thanks Susie! As part of the award, I am supposed to tell you 7 things you probably don’t know about us and pass it on to 5 other bloggers. I am not going to pass it on.  I read a lot of stylish blogs and I don’t want to narrow it down. :)

Drum Roll Please…


1) I used to work undercover. BEST JOB EVER.  I bought cigarettes underage, drove around with an officer in plain clothes and we would go to every tobacco vendor in 7 counties. The only reason I ever wish I was still 17.


2) Jon has an amazing singing voice and can beatbox like nobody’s business. His life could be a musical, he sings through it, making up words as he goes.


The greatest thing about beatbox? It translates as “fun” in any language.

3) The Littles use the word “UP” liberally.  It means up, down, out, off, open, shut and hold me (just to name a few).

4) Little A had a high fever in the night and it’s persisting. Again, not a fun fact, but will you PRAY for her healing and that *shudder* it’s not another UTI.  I still haven’t recovered from watching her get her first catheter.


5) Not such a fun fact…I am currently going through a time of chastisement of the Lord.  Yes, painful, hard to go through.  I hate being confronted by my ugliness.  However, it has been an oddly comforting time while reflecting on Hebrews 12:4-14.  It has brought me to humbled worship. 


6) The Latest Tooth Update: Little J has 4 teeth, Little A has 6 (almost 7).

2-13 012

(I realize you can’t see any teeth here.  The Littles don’t feel great and this is as happy as the pictures session got)

7) Little A can walk backwards like a pro. Uncle Chad taught her to say “Beep, beep” and on her own, she combined it with the backwards walk.  I have no idea where she learned this but it is hysterical.

2-10 023

Uncle Chad teaches lots of fun tricks. :)

There you have it. Everything you needed to know about us. :)


MamaMimi said...

Cute =) My tot says "beep beep" while walking backwards too, how funny! Your twins are ADORABLE!

Kristi said...

HOW did you manage to do a post with great pictures AND clip art with the kind of day you had? Jon must have made it home and blogging must be therapy, yes? :) Praying for Little A!