Monday, February 7, 2011

A Run-In With the State and Federal Government

Heehee. How is that for my attention-grabbing title?  :)

It was nothing so dramatic, but oh-so-frustrating!  We are trying to get the girls’ passports and I could go into LOTS of detail as to the ridiculousness of it, but I will spare you!

Adia 4 Jada

No, they aren’t supposed to be smiling and they aren’t supposed to have their hands up.  Their little audience at CVS gave them the giggles.  We couldn’t stop them from cheesin’ it up! You can tell they haven’t gotten out much this winter.

The US government might still be refusing to document them as citizens, but have you ever seen cuter passport pictures?


Kristen said...

No, NEVER! :) Theirs looks much better than mine! Are babies allowed to smile in passport photos b/c adults aren't... No fair! :) I hope this ensures you the passports you need.

Mom said...

DARLING, ADORABLE! Is Jada on the right? Grandma

Holli said...

They can get a passport with out 100% citizenship. Our girls have green cards with a right to remain... even though we had a IR3.... but since we live outside of US we have to file like we would if an IR4 for a COC card.
Good luck I know it is SO FRUSTRATING!!!
Such GREAT pictures but don't thing the one on right will be approved. :(
(Just be thankful you didn't have to do all this the week you came back to the States :))
Praying you all get it figured out SOON!

Kristi said...

hmmm. I'm wondering just how many blog entries are going to have the potential to earn THAT title? :) JUST KIDDING!

And really, if the US Goverment sees these pictures... they should be on the fast track to full documentation! At least they would be if I ran this country! :) How can you argue with those passport photos?

mamamargie said...

Those are the cutest passport photos ever! I can tell they are very used to having their pictures taken. Next time take them when they are in need of a nap. :)