Monday, February 21, 2011

Unintentional Play Pens

Surprised to see me?  Yes, I know, I should be packing or at least doing dishes…I am procrastinating. :)

If you don’t know why The Littles are sitting are in boxes, check out this post, Ahoy.

Yes, The Littles love their boats. So much in fact, that they don’t want to be moved.  When I try to take them out, they get a wee bit testy.  The Littles are hoping for another spin. So they sit in their boxes and play.

2-18 068

2-18 066 2-18 060

2-18 051

We have also been blessed with a visit from Aunt Steph!

2-18 077

She read, cleaned, played, cleaned, babysat, prepared food and cleaned and played some more!  The Littles love her and so do we!  Thanks so much Steph!!!


Anonymous said...

That'll work. Especialy since the box looks exactly like a boat. JEFF

Sandra said...

I was curious if you would post that steph came:) She told me she was going to help out and let you go on a date night:). Glad the girlies love their "boats".
Safe and fun travels!

Kristen said...

the girls look so smiley in pics lately. have they been feeling better? they look adorable in these pics.

Todd ~ Teresa said...

I love that they are happy in boxes. Kids can make fun out of next to nothing. Have a great trip!

Q said...

love seeing them so happy in boxes. you should try building a fort next, they would love it. You and Jon are doing such a fabulous job. It is so exciting to see that! Plus, what a great cloud of witnesses you have around you. - Suzy