Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Married With Children

It's a few days early but...
Happy Anniversary To Us!

I recently heard a quote the following quote...

"You've never been married until you've had one child and you've never had children until you've had at least two."

Not too bad, it only took us three years to officially be married with children! :)

Guapo, I am so glad you married me!  Life is always an adventure with you and you were made to be a daddy! I love you.

p.s.  if you have a moment, we would appreciate your prayers.  Our much anticipated, South of the border, adventure has begun!

We have a new nephew!!!

Welcome to the world little Leo Wallace!


Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary!! That is a funny picture of Jon and the girls - such a good depiction of life with kids!

Jane said...

I am Tricia Zaugg's aunt and we are heading south of the border too! We are visiting the Timothy House in Imuris! Enjoy your trip!
Jane Schmidgall

Kristi said...

Yeah! Happy Anniversary! And GOOD LUCK on your travels! :) I sure hope the Littles enjoy it... I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm just sure they will be jabbering biligually!
"Git out the videocamera, Merna, this 'ill be a good 'un!"

Wells L said...

Happy Anniversary!
Be safe and enjoy your trip!
What a cutie addition to your family!

mamamargie said...

Love that picture of Jon and the girls! And your new nephew is just precious!!!