Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Expanding Our World…

The Littles are making friends!



We had the chance to hang out with some dear friends  a weekend ago. It was such a good time and fun to watch our kids interact.  I told Stef that it was the perfect way to spend a winter weekend. :)

Adoption Updates:

Yes, another little series. I am going to try and do little updates and explanations of our current adoption process.  It will give you a sense of where we are at and also hopefully help explain things a bit. This might be terribly boring unless you are trying to learn more about the process for yourself.

We are now in the home study process. A social worker is scheduled to come to our house on Friday. She will check out the house, ask some questions, we write out our life history (good and bad), give her copies of our doctor’s approval for us to adopt, our financial statement, tax forms and answer lots of questions.  We already have our reference letters complete. 

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