Friday, February 4, 2011

Nevermind the Joneses

I am in this constant battle. I have tried to articulate it in my thoughts and in writing so many times. I can never capture the essence of the battle raging inside of me.

Knowing that I have so much, too much. Patting myself on the back for all my blessings from the Lord, resting in the security of a savings account. Wanting a bigger house but desperately wanting to be content with less. Wanting to give it all in one moment, feeling appalled that I eat steak while my "neighbor" doesn't eat. But in the next moment, wanting more, bigger, better, newer, more fashionable...

I am doing it again. Trying to describe what I feel and miserably failing. What I do know is that it is an internal war. Flesh against the Spirit.

Do you ever find yourself here?

This website is awesome and would also be a great educational tools to use with kids.


Wells L said...

All day, everyday!

Janell said...

Amy, I'm amazed at how many people are asking these questions today. I see God moving among this generation of believers. I'm excited. I hope that everyone of us asks, What now Lord? What does it look like for me to forsake all for you? Show me. I want YOU! It's exciting and yes, scary.

kj said...

Yes, right there with ya!

Nichole said...

Right alongside you, Amy! Thanks for the link - i checked it out - this is a great resource to use with the Gateway residents! And so convicting for me.
Thanks for sharing you heart.

MamaMimi said...

Daily struggle for me too!