Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who Wouldn’t Love To Come Home To This?

Before I get into the post, we have a praise.  God is ever so faithful and He has answered prayers and The Littles have their passports and after much searching, ours too.  (Whew, huge sigh of relief, a whole other saga I won’t launch into, but God heard prayers). We leave in a few days for Mexico.

The Littles love waiting at the door for daddy (and they love to dress-up, which delights my heart to no end, especially because I had started a dress-up box pre-kiddos).

2-18 095 2-18 106

2-18 107

2-18 108

2-18 112

Let the games begin!!!

2-18 086



Wells L said...

Do their shirts say "I'm going to change the world?" AWESOME.
How precious is your family! Love the kiss through the door!!!!!
I'll pray you all find your passports!!!

David and Larisa said...

Sooooooo CUTE!! I love the look on Jon's face as he sees them standing in the doorway - just adorable!

Denise Klop said...

Priceless pictures! I'm so glad the passports are all in order. Praying for a safe and wonderful trip!

Justin & Sarah said...

Loving the hair accessories!! What daddy wouldn't want to come home to that?!! :) Precious as always!!

Ashley Baner said...

They are getting all ready for you down there!! Some of our girls helped paint Steph's room and she was excited that we got it almost done so she could finish it before you got there!! I will pray that everything goes smoothly while traveling. I am sure you can't wait to show off your Littles down there. Have a GREAT trip!!

Jennifer said...

I just love seeing how much your babies are loved! Joy to my heart!