Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pictures of the Prize

You still have until 9:30 tonight to take a guess at the riddle!  Click here to answer the question,

“What does Amy have in common with an elephant?”.

Just so you know, your comments are crackin’ me up.  I am loving it!

Here are pictures of the Timbali bag that can be won. 

This is the market bag, along with a coin purse.  The market bag is simply made and really large, perfect to take to the grocery store with you! 

2-2 032 

It was made by Jabu Simolane

2-2 033

This is Jabu’s story:

Jabu Simelane is 40 years old and the mother of 4 children. She was widowed in 2004 and also cares for 2 of her husbands’ children from another marriage, who’s mother has already passed away. Money she earns by sewing bags for Timbali Crafts is the only source of income for the family. Jabu has sewn since 2002 and worked at the care center with orphans. She saw it as such a good way to help care for orphans in her community.  She knows that if she passes away, her children will also be orphans, and she would want them cared for.

Meet more of the women who make these at

I have more of these bags for sale and in multiple styles.  I don’t want to sell them online because I learned with the scarves, it takes a lot of time and I don’t have extra time right now, but if someone wants to stop by and see what I have, feel free.  I am also hoping to feature these and products like this at a home show this Spring. (Start thinking Mother’s Day?!)  :)

Keep guessing, it is helping my being snowed in with two babies go so much faster!!!

2-2 016

And to crack you up…Check out those teeth. The Littles only have their canines on top and a few on bottom.  It is so funny!


2Dimples4Me said... both have 6 toes? I have no idea, really, just spit balling here. I figured answeres like: You both have big "trucks", you never forget, or both have wrinkles or dry skin have already been used. ha! I can't see the comments so if any of those are right, I hope I get in the drawing for the bag! :)

kj said...

Wow, I didn't know teeth could come in "out" of order! Very cute! Little J has the two bottom and just broke through the two top middle, thought she would never get any!

Mouseymom said...

Amy, just a thought that sprung into my mind! Does Leo Church still do a Mothers day deal brunch? if so that would be a fun way to sell Timbal if the committee would be up for that!

Q said...

What sweet girls. My mom might be interested in a bag. I will let you know. Hope you are doing well.

mamamargie said...

I know I'm two weeks behind on reading posts from my bloggy friends, and will not win any prize for my answer, but a guess just popped into my head. You and elephants are the same in that you are both awesome mothers. :)