Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

I’ve always thought that I would be the mom who would allow my kids to go to the grocery in costume.  It has always made me smile.  However, now that The Littles wear Princess dresses everyday, we have not gone out in public with them once.


We are working up to it.  :) Do you let your kids go as they are into public settings?


Amber said...

Oh let me tell you the combinations we have gone out in . . . : )

There are certain places I will usually draw the line a little more (they can't go horribly mismatched to church for instance). But I'm convinced we've worn a variation of every possible outfit at least somewhere. : )

Wee said...

Our door is always open!!!!
I'd let the girls go out dressed like this! It's cute and part of their creative play.

Mouseymom said...

I loaded up the kids in the van when maylen was dressed in a full racoon costume. I was planning on just getting gas and not extracting the kids. But the pay at the pump was not working so I had to haul the racoon in the store and everyone was so amused. I was kind of embarrased as it was a ratty costume.. not even a plush princess one!

Nichole said...

my kids haven't gotten into costumes but Hannah loves to dress her 3-year-old self and she comes up with some doozies. i rather enjoy seeing what she comes up with (which she is SO proud of) and generally it is seen in public.

Q said...

To be honest, it all depends. I was just talking with a grown mother of 3 boys who stated that she wished she would have let her boys have a little more control over some things like dressing. I agree, control is really just an illusion anyway - God has it all together.
We have special clothes for church and other activities but everything else is fair game. Let those creative minds role, let the inner fashion divas come out, you may be surprised at how well they put together an outfit. (Their mama sets a good example!)