Saturday, December 10, 2011

More of The Three Amigas (And One Funny Story)

While we were in Phoenix, these three together were quite a trio. I am amazed and thankful for how well they all got along! There were moments of watching them and I almost felt like they were teenagers hanging out and then I would change a diaper and remember. (Or actually Jon would change a diaper and I would remember.  I have to give a shout out here.  That man changes LOADS of diapers.) :)





Bathtime is more fun when the tub is full of kids!


The high chair line-up


Delighted with their own bowls of frozen yogurt.


G took off her shirt before the ribs and chocolate cupcakes meal. Of course The Littles wanted to match!




“Who can find Little G’s belly button”? (We maybe had some confusion…)


And one funny story:
While at the zoo, the girls were enjoying the baboons (at least I think it was the baboons)
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And when Little J (my tender-heart) was the only one left standing at the window, there was a “BOOM” and then feathers flew and a bird landed at her feet. A very out of it bird who had just run into the window right above her.
Little J looked at the bird, who was still moving a bit, and started to cry, “no tweet tweet”.
Our own “circle of life” lesson at the zoo. Dumb bird.

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