Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas For A Cause

The article I posted in the previous post has really got me thinking.  It is kind of too late for this year to have a drastic change but the importance of intentionally giving and teaching your children how to give definitely keeps popping up.

So I am challenged, in a good way. 

Now that we are in the throes of Christmas shopping (I know, some of you may be done) we are going to compile a mini-list of places you can buy gifts that benefit others! (A list of catalogs to shop for others is also available at the end of the article I posted earlier this morning). This is where I NEED YOUR HELP.  My schedule is tight right now, I am going to start a small list and I want you to add on.  Leave a comment of the website, what they sell and what it benefits.  It needs to benefit others and give me the website, these are the only requirement.  M’kay?  Fun huh?

Ordinary Hero – proceeds benefit different projects, internationally and domestically. great apparel, mugs, jewelry, (If you know Ryan and Amber Prevo, putting their name in the memo when you purchase something contributes 40% of the proceeds towards their adoption fund).

Grafted Together-100% of proceeds benefit orphans, widows and adoptive families: they have hair accessories, t-shirt, jewelry (Locally benefitting the Detmer family, adopting 2 kiddos from the Congo)

Lifesong for Orphans-gifts of purpose catalog, t-shirts, cd, cookbook

One Hope CD –100% of the cd price ($10) benefit orphans through Loving Shepherd Ministries.

147 Million Orphans-Apparel, jewelry, bags

Simply Love Campaign-Great t-shirt!

Gobena Coffee-Think all things COFFEE. Fair Trade, organic, mugs, benefitting orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia

Thanks to the additional commenters! Please check the comments to learn of more ideas and very exciting opportunities you can be a part of, seriously, something for everyone!

Mindy, a huge thanks for posting this one!  I knew it was out there, just couldn’t find it!

For a very extensive list, visit here:

I am out of time. It kind of bugs me to be so unthorough. However, if I wait for an exhaustive list, I am never going to get it up here, Please add in the comment section (even personal fundraisers) and I will post! 


Mindy said...

Ames, I've got your back! An adoptive Momma with our agency compiled a very thorough list! Click on this link and it is broken down into categories!

Oh, also, another adoptive Momma with our agency just started Peachy Peachy -they have darling hand crocheted scarfs, headbands and flowers!

Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

We are selling Fort Wayne Funbooks they are coupon books for $15. We are also doing a lifesong both hands project to help both an orphan and a widow. Contact me at if you want more information. Lastly we've partnered with Hannah James for the rest of the month 1/2 proceeds go to her adoption and 1/2 to ours. Just put "Weaver Family Adoption" in the comments box at checkout! Thanks!!!

Sarah said...

I love Tiny Hands International:

You can go on their website and "Spiritually Adopt" a girl who has been saved from the Sex Trade. In doing this (for 10 dollars), they send you a really cool hand-crafted bracelet from women in Nepal who live at the Princess House (for women getting out of the Sex Trade). Tiny Hands sends you a bracelet, a prayer card with a woman's name on it. The idea is to keep these women in your prayers and the bracelet is the reminder.

I have prayed for these women so much more since doing this - it's a wonderful reminder all throughout my day.

Love this idea on your blog!

Amber said...

I was going to come share the same list as Mindy. : )

I've been really convicted that our girls are going to learn to expect what I teach them to expect. . . .and it begins more with me than anything else.

Loved her article - and love your heart in sharing all this. Thanks for making us a part of that!

Betsy said...

Providence Granola is an artisanal granola company helping newly-arrived refugees from Burundi, Myanmar, and Iraq rebuild their lives in Providence, Rhode Island. They have holiday blends like "Holly Jolly Ginger" and other granola favorites.