Monday, December 19, 2011

Lazy Woman’s Snow Day

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy for a full snow day.

However, I propose a decent solution: Lazy Mama’s Snow Day

When we got that first snow, there are only so many times in a 24 hour period that putting on snow boots sounds like fun.

The solution, SNOW IN THE HOUSE.

(And yes, you do spy princess dresses paired with Elmo slippers because these Littles don’t think it is possible to over-accessorize. )



Baby Jesus, Joseph and Barbie all joined in the fun.

IMG_6885 IMG_6870

Hmm…may be doing this a lot this winter. 


T and M said...

this is a GREAT idea ( :

T and M said...
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erica said...

Awesome!!! Great idea. I may have to try that too this winter..... :)