Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First World Issues

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It is the little things that drive me crazy, ya know?

Take the following things I have complained about (at least in my heart) within the last few weeks:

-The sun is so bright and I forgot my sunglasses on the table at home. Squinting is so annoying and will probably give me a headache and more wrinkles, that skin around my eyes is so unforgiving.

-My internet has not been streaming videos quickly and occasionally stops to buffer. *GASP*

-Macy’s didn’t have my size in the exact boot I wanted, I will either have to go to another store, order it online, settle for another pair of boots or skip new boots altogether.

-Our automatic door on our minivan is not working properly, again.

-Walmart stopped carrying my favorite brand of hummus, the only brand they carried with 100% olive oil. Huge bummer.

A few weeks back I was talking to Jon on the phone and was telling him my predicament-that I didn’t have quite the right “genre” of shoes for my outfit. He laughed and said, “Ames, this sounds like a first world issue”. Humph. Sigh. Long pause…should I be mad? I sat there for another three seconds and then I laughed too.

Since then, God has brought these words to my head often as I find myself getting worked up and bugged and I must say, it has been good for me and my contentment level!

While in Phoenix, Seth showed us this youtube clip that I thought was GENIUS and kind of sad as the irony hits.


leah said...

wow. love the video! (pahahah!) but love the deep issues behind it and chance to step out of my own perspective and few my world through a different lense!

thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...


Annie said...

check out whitewhine.com so funny!
we all complain about silly things
sometimes and it is good to have a reminder!

Erin said...

Great post! Too true.

bethany lane said...

this is so ironic because i just had a conversation with a friend at college about 'first world problems'! and it's sooo true what we as Americans do!! and the video made me laugh so hard! thanks for sharing!!