Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Baby Love

The Littles love babies, especially Little J.  The other day, driving down the road, I heard her listing all the babies she knows, “Baby Leo, Baby Indigo, Baby Jesus, Baby Beckham, Baby Norah…etc”.  I can rarely find our manger with baby Jesus as it is her favorite thing to snag from the Nativity.

Needless to say, living in the same house as a baby for a weekend was loads of fun, especially with Brandy being such a laid back Mama and letting The Littles play with Baby N.



After The Littles watched Little G help change Baby N, they were mesmerized and wanted to do the same thing!



I asked The Littles, “Do you want a baby in our house?”  Little J responded, “Yes, Baby JESUS!”.


Ashley Baner said...

We used to play with baby Jesus all the time and we would even hide him for the others to find. I am suprised my mom let us do that but am thankful for the tradition and now my kids do it too!

Jon y Amy said...

Ashley, I remember you wrote this as a tradition on a post last year and I thought it was such a cute idea!