Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Toddlers Walk Into A Bakery

The cute Yummees Bakery sat empty, rows of perfect cupcakes beautifully displayed and the bakers worked on cakes in the back, completely unaware of what was about to hit them…

3 toddlers on a sugar high. Oh ya.

(Little J would only eat the cupcake by bringing the whole plate to her mouth)

Yummees Bakery 210 

Starting into their cupcakes

About 90 seconds later…the sugar hits their blood stream.

Yummees Bakery 222

Yummees Bakery 218 Yummees Bakery 220

Yes, we did offer to windex their windows.

Yummees Bakery 224

Since our encounter with Santa, Little A has wanted to hold Little J on her lap.

Miss Adilynn decided that she wanted horsey rides from The Littles.

Yummees Bakery 243

Little J was not a fan of that idea and kept laying down.

Yummees Bakery 246 Yummees Bakery 251

No problem, the great part of twins is there is always another one to catch! Little A enjoyed it.

(I really wish I could have caught the whole thing on video!)

Yummees Bakery 231

Thanks Kristi and Amy K, what a fun idea!


Kristi said...

Great pictures, Amy!
Adilynn is wiggling on my lap and signing for "more." I don't know if she wants more cupcakes or more time with the Littles! Maybe both. :)

emilykate said...

I've been wanting to try this place!