Friday, August 9, 2013

Addis Bound

Yep, we have started packing and heading back to Addis Ababa 6 am Monday morning. Any of you who want to hold an all-night prayer vigil for our trek on your Sunday night, you are welcome to! ;)

This summer, we were sent to our "final" location because in trainings we have learned that where you land initially, is where you bond. We have bonded, this place is already knit tightly in our hearts and it feels like home. Jon and I credit this entirely to your prayers, that this new place in a new land feels like we belong here. 

IMG 4278

IMG 1701

I guess it's not hard to love a land like this.

And a people, rich in tradition, living tenaciously, who have been warmly received us.

IMG 1711

IMG 4146

Living in Addis in some ways is very welcome. We really need to learn Amharic and will soon be starting language school. In addition, we will have access to fellowship, and more food items and restaurants (Gasp! Cherie even told me there is a good ice cream place!)

We are trying to fit in a flurry of things at the end. We hosted four meals for friends and were invited to four places (all within our last five days). One of our main goals and prayers for this summer were relationships, and because of the faithful service of Mark, Debbie and Cheryl (our faithful teammates who have endured much hardship here) we came into people open to start friendships.

We have friends.

It has been an incredible summer. Even healthwise, besides the standard stomach issues (nothing serious) we felt great.

Now off to the next house, the next short chapter (5 months) in our transitional year, Addis Ababa, here we come!





nathan and rachel said...

Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray!

Matt and Kristi said...

Excited to see you guys there!

Sarah said...

Such an informative post, as always.

That first pic is breathtaking!

Love and Prayers!

MarknBarb said...

Oh what an exciting life you lead! May God bless your next step in your journey! And all along the way keep blessing Him with your lives.

smw said...

so so happy that you feel you belong. prayers for the next transition.

Erica K said...

love your non chalant comment, "besides the standard stomach issues". Yep, been there :)
Hope that ice cream place in Addis does not disapoint! If so, I hope you meet our friends Donek and Israel at IEC. She makes amazing homemade ice cream!