Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ramadan, The Goat and Dinner Guests

We do have a routine around here. Nevertheless, like all routines, they are always being pushed and changed. Never quite knowing what life is going to throw at you can be exhausting and it can be exhilarating. To be in the midst of new experiences and realize they are becoming normal is a welcome feeling. Like yesterday, I stopped and asked directions of where I could buy good coffee. The man looks at me, smiles and says, "Scoot over, I will show you" and we are off, chatting it up with a random stranger who has us drop him off at a tea house when we are done and nothing about it felt weird.

Today is the end of the Muslim Ramadan fast and the goat that has been getting fattened at our house has lived it's last moments. About three days ago, the goat was taken off the top of the minibus where it had been strapped from a market about 1 hour away, "Dangala-where it is warmer and the goats are fatter." It was a cute goat as far as goats go and shivering from it's wet, chilly, traumatic journey.

IMG 4941

IMG 4945

Jon got in the vehicle a few minutes after he loaded the goat and was vexed, "I must have stepped in manure or something, the Land Cruiser smells like animal…" and then we busted up laughing because there was a goat practically looking over his shoulder.

The goat needed a ride into town and Jon wanted to learn how to butcher it, Muslim style. We were all invited to celebrate with the family but we had already invited dinner guests over and there wasn't time for me to make food and go into town. 

Never fear though, you don't have to miss out on the experience, Jon documented it, though I will spare you the gore.

IMG 4948

It was a smart goat, totally knew what was coming. 

IMG 4949 They feasted before butchering.

IMG 4961

Jon said it was the best goat he has ever had and the best tibs he has eaten. We will have an opportunity to celebrate on Saturday and The Littles and I will get to taste the cute goat.

And Jon made it back in time for dinner. We had no meat with the meal as it is now a fasting time from all animal or animal products for the Ethiopian Orthodox.

IMG 4976

It does not matter how smiley a person is, the standard Ethiopian picture pose is serious-faced but this is about the smiliest family in the world. 

IMG 4980

Aah. So much better. :) That is how they really look. Don't they  have the greatest smiles?





The Ringgers said...

Just looking at that last picture made me smile! Praying for you guys!

J and A said...

So I might have missed it somewhere along the way, and I need a refresher...
how many different religions are you surrounded by in your area? Do people take a bit of each and form their own, or are they pretty loyal to a specific one?

Jon y Amy said...

Amber, you are right to be confused. Our area is almost exclusively Ethiopian Orthodox; however, we do have a few friends who are Muslim and a few friends who are Protestant. :)

genaye said...

Such a beautiful family <3 am enjoying your posts! Blessss

MarknBarb said...

We have been out of town for a few days...just catching up on blogs! So fun to follow you around in your new life! Such neat experiences!