Thursday, August 1, 2013

Visitors To The Highlands

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Doug, Jill and Shane adventured with the best of 'em. We had a few days and we packed it full. And Jon and I talked and talked and talked some more. Whew. Someone to listen to us! ;)

Hiking up the mountain to the left of our pasture was breathtaking. I had never hiked it before but Jon had and we decided to when there were other men to carry The Littles. It is a very short hike but a bit slippery, almost instantly gratifying because of the brevity and views.

IMG 4106

IMG 4736

Doug worked with Little A. As they came down the mountain, she started to talk and told Doug she thought she might fall off the mountain and maybe scrape her knee and crack her head. :) Oh, my little planner.  

IMG 4765

We had some fun cultural experiences. It was fun to have guests who were excited to try new things.

IMG 4293

Eating at a restaurant in Injibara.

IMG 4292

Hmm. What piece of meat would we get? Mystery solved.

IMG 4299

The tibs (beef) is served over hot coals.

IMG 4797

The Littles enjoyed their time with Doug, Jill and Shane, soaking up the attention.

IMG 3920

IMG 4059

Trying passion fruit at the Project.

IMG 4184

Experiencing the market

IMG 4377

Meeting shepherd kids.

IMG 4114

Doug, Jill and Shane, we are grateful beyond words for your visit (and all the goodies you brought!) and had such a wonderful time sharing this new place we call home with you.

Bringing two worlds we love together was fantastic and we can't wait for you (yes, you dear reader) to come visit, too! :)


Todd ~ Teresa said...

God is so good to bring visitors to you at a time that they were very needed. Great pics!

David and Larisa said...

So glad that you got to see some family! Excited for Doug, Jill and Shane too....that they got to experience your new adventure!

Mindy said...

SO neat! Looks like you had a fantastic time! It makes me so happy for you that you got to see familiar faces and be loved on. :)

Janel said...

Oh I love these pics and it makes me want to come visit so bad! I've heard just brief snippets about their trip and I know that being with your family was a highlight and huge blessing! Continually praying for you all! Tell the Littles hi from our kiddos! Love you guys!