Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Over the past several days, there has been a recurrent theme in our conversation. We spend a lot of time talking about "home" or in our case, the idea of "home". 

LIttle A said, "I have lived in five homes! That's sad!" We told her it hasn't been that many but then she and Little J recounted five they could remember (including a two week training in North Carolina and a five week training in Colorado).

So, pulling out conversations from our archives we have had with other parent's of third culture kids (TCKs) we capitalized on this to talk about our true home, heaven.

The Littles listened quietly, interested and intrigued. After I finished my explanation of our FOREVER home, Little A lightly responded, "But I want my forever home now".

We went through each home and talked about people we met and loved there, experiences and memories we never would have made if we hadn't been in that "home."

Tuesday, we settled into our apartment home in a city of millions of people. It has great potential to be cozy and we are blessed by the size of it and our neighbors. We are on a compound with two other families. One family (here for two weeks) has a three year old girl. They spent some time today getting to know each other, along with another nine-year old neighbor girl who will be here for our whole time.

We have been running like crazy around the city, trying to tie up loose ends. We popped into headquarters (HQ) where there is a guesthouse that we stay in and also our administration building. Jon had a few meetings and I had forgotten a few things in the laundry room and freezer. The Littles were playing on the playground and came and found me to tell me their shoes were wet and they wanted to take them off. Responding without thought, I said, "We will take them off when we get home." Little A began to wail, "But THIS is HOME." She is making "home" whatever is known. We have stayed at HQ a total of about 15 nights.

At trainings, we were advised to make every place "home" regardless of how short a time we are staying. So, for three-five months, we settle in here. We have chosen to make The Littles bedroom as similar as possible in each location. We drag along their lovies, pillows and lightweight fleece blanket everywhere we go. We even brought their heavy comforters that they are used to in Injibara. At least their bed feels very cozy today. :)

As I unpacked yesterday, I kept questioning how worth it this was as it will seem like we turn around and do it again soon. After spending some time weighing the pros and cons, I decided, for right now, we need to unpack, need to nest in and do what we can to make this place home.

IMG 2542

A typical day in the highlands became like normal to The Littles and they felt at "home" there. 

IMG 2544

I know soon, the space we occupy in the city will come have a routine and a feeling of home.


Nichole said...

praying for your littles. it sounds hard to try to wrap a little mind around home and where it is and what it means. sending love across the miles

Rachel said...

I was thinking the same thing as Nichole. Praying for you guys!!

MarknBarb said...

Praying for your sweet family! God is providing and protecting each step of the way...your lives are becoming a beautiful puzzle...God is giving you one piece at a time. Each adventure adds color, twists and turns! Love how you are finding joy in each journey. Keep blessing God!

Justin & Sarah said...

By God's grace, you guys are doing a wonderful job of navigating these bumps in the road. Praying for you!