Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Apartment

We are in a very spacious apartment, it looks like it was set up for the bedrooms to be rented out separately. It was lined up for us by SIM. The building shares a compound with a privately run Swedish school.

Showing our current home feels a bit vulnerable. I run the risk of your judgement on how we should be living, what our house should look like. Maybe I am just projecting my guilt issues on you. :) So, you withhold your judgment and I won't assign my issues to you. Deal? ;) 

There are four apartments in the red brick side. Each apartment is laid out differently. Ours is a two bedroom unit. To the right (starting at the white division) is the school. This is attended by international kids as well as Ethiopian children. 

IMG 5004

This is walking into our front door

IMG 5006

If you go through the door, there is a hallway…We don't have a good spot to store our totes so you may notice a few in every room.

IMG 4996

There are four doors. The first on the left is the bathroom.

IMG 4997

It has two shower stalls and two toilet stalls. Hey! Maybe I could store the extra totes in one of the shower stalls! Wow, this tour is very helpful for me.

Across the hall, the first door is our room. 

IMG 4994

We have a grumpy fish painted on our wall. :)  The room is large with a queen bed. Jon keeps gushing about how big it is as we have spent the summer on a full. Simba and Nala appear to be sleeping in our bed...

Walking into the last door on the left, there is a large common living space (dining, living, kitchen combined, very practical space)

IMG 5000

A view of the kitchen with a very decorated fridge. 

IMG 5001

The last room on the right is The Littles'. It is spacious and they have plenty of room to play.

IMG 4998

This is really an ideal place for our family of four. Our neighbors are amazing too...

This is looking out our bedroom window. It is a playground for the school that we are free to use.

IMG 4991

Another view of the playground...

IMG 5005

IMG 4988

Here the girls are playing with their friend Lily. Also, the woman we lined up to watch The Littles next week at language school came over this morning and spent about 1 1/2 hours getting acquainted with the girls. They liked her but were definitely touchy about everything. 

This is a view upon entering the gate to the right. It is a soccer field and the two blobs you see out there are the resident turtles (The Littles are terrified of them-of all the animals to be afraid of, I have really tried to convince them that is a turtle is the LEAST of their concerns). 

IMG 5003

Ready or not, Monday is coming. We are so glad to start language school and look forward to our time there. I can feel anxious about The Littles transition and behavior but have watched God repeatedly provide in this arena. 


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your spacious rooms! There are a lot of other things you are giving up. Praying for you as you start language school and that the littles do well with this transition. Pat

The Lehman's said...

Loving checking in to see what you guys are up to. Praying for you guys. julie :)

Nichole said...

so happy for you guys to have that space for the next few months. looks wonderful for you. I agree with Pat, there are enough other things that you are giving up, that it is nice for you to have this little "gift" of space :)

MarknBarb said...

So thrilled for you and your cute little apartment! Praying for the girls as they adjust one more thankful they have each other. May God bless your learning experience. May He give you the gift of tongues!