Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not A Curse

(For those who have asked, notice the sidebar with care package ideas!)


When we first moved here, I would see the kids in the pasture and look on with an achy heart. Oh, these kids are so small to be working all day with no parents around!

IMG 4347

And you know what, they are young. Life is hard but there is love. These parents love their children and there is a beauty and joy in this little pasture community. The collection of the children, gathering their animals, yes working, but enjoying life and each other while playing marbles with rocks and hopscotch on boxes scratched in the mud. 

IMG 4351

There are still many things about the reality of life here that slap me on the face but I am learning. I am learning not to make rash judgements about someone else's life in a culture I do not understand.

IMG 4346 I am learning a lot about shepherds this summer.

I feel like a toddler here, so much unknown but excited to soak in life through lots of experiences, some falls, scrapes and lots of laughter.



Nichole said...

love the care package ideas! this will be fun :) praying for you and those sweet little shepherds.

Jess said...

So thankful for what you're learning, Ames. It's helping me learn, too.
: ) Yay for care package ideas!! xo

Christen Leigh said...

Great thoughts! And hip hip hooray for care package ideas. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

pretty sure my boys would rather pasture animals there than be in public school here. ;)