Thursday, August 15, 2013

Imaginary Play

Now that we are in a city, it will be interesting to watch how The Littles play shifts.

What used to be The Littles' tea set is now transformed into a coffee set.

IMG 4899

I love to hear what they are pretending. This particular day, they were taking turns hosting three rounds of coffee in each in their "homes". My favorite comment was, "Okay, now you can come and use my hole potty."

It reminds me of one of our last times to eat in local home, Little J came in, "Umm. I have to go to the bathroom". We smiled, "Little J, can you wait until we go home?" (Holding a three year old up while she takes FOREVER to poop is less than ideal). She responded, "Okay, I can, but I will poop down my leg". We took her. 

IMG 2643


Jessica said...

That was hilarious! I have so enjoyed your posts. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of living in a country that I love.

Justin & Sarah said...

Oh Amy! The girls look so grown up in the coffee party picture!