Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Babies On Their Backs

Language School started on Monday.

Our M-F Schedule we are trying to get on...

7:30: leave for language school

8:15: Arrive, settle The Littles (They are playing in a small room, we take books, toys, snacks and a women nearby is watching them)

12:00: Pick up The Littles

1:00ish: Arrive home. (This can be earlier or later, depending on how much we chat after class, how lost we get, how bad traffic is and if I need to stop to get groceries)

1:15: Eat Lunch

2:00: Girls nap, Jon and I study and go over our recordings.

4:00 Girls play (We hope to start doing our language routes as a family in this hour, although the girls want to use it playing here)

5:00: I start making dinner, Depending on the days' mental exhaustion, Jon will start light homeschooling The Littles, mostly just reading good books, doing the enjoyable parts to not add stress to our lives.

6:00: Eat dinner

7:30: Girls in bed

During language school, your body/brain needs two extra hours of sleep a night. Not sure when we are going to fit that in. :)

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

Next week, we have a woman who can watch them here. Can you pray for us about this? We want to be wise and discerning and have a women who is very dear and highly recommended to do child care, but this just feels very big to me as we would be about 45 minutes away. We may possibly have The Littles play at a friends' house (parents are also in language school) 2 mornings a week.


Babies On Their Backs

I have a few more days wrap up of our time in the North.

Here are The Littles, with lovies strapped on their backs. They went into the pasture and told the girls, "We are like you". The humorous part was this lasted about five minutes before Little J started complaining that her 8 oz lovie was too heavy and she couldn't carry it. The irony was the girls looking on with babies on their backs had no complaint. :)

IMG 4906


Shari Fiechter said...

Thanks for your schedule. I think your time in Addis is gonna' fly with a schedule like that. Praying that God will gift you with fast language learning!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Praying you will be language learning sponges. In the pics of the girls lately, they sure look happy. Love you all!