Saturday, December 28, 2013

A 'Plosion That Changed Our Plans

Overseas, having a plan for the holidays is vital. After much thought, we planned a new tradition for our family, to swim on Christmas day. We changed the plan last minute as we had a three day after Christmas pick-me-up-trip planned to a place with a hot springs pool and we wanted to save money.

We attended a Christmas gathering with other expat families that our neighbors hosted. At our Christmas get together, our friend, Rebecca watched the girls down an astounding amount of salsa. She said, “You are going to explode”. Fast forward to Christmas evening and all that salsa came back up.  “Mama, I ‘ploded!” Little J exclaimed. 

 Needless to say, through a sleepless night and sick kids, instead of heading south to a hot spring pool, the day after Christmas looked like this. Jon read countless stories to our little infirmary. Little A was just sympathy sick. 


Today, our family took a “holiday” in Addis and sprang for a morning at the only warm pool in the city.Unnamed

Well worth it. 

Little J is still fighting something. We all leave for a conference on Monday. Pray we would have wisdom and healing in our house (and our apartment building for that matter, nasties are going around!)



Todd ~ Teresa said...

Christmas sickness is NO FUN! Praying for good health for all.
Love you!

Kristi said...

Adilynn just said, "I wish I was there, too."
We miss you and are praying!

Kim Plattner said...

So sorry the girls were sick. I pray everyone is well and able to leave for your conference today!! Where are you going? Love you all and happy New Year!

Justin & Sarah said...

Is it wrong that I laughed at Little J.'s "I 'ploded!" comment?! ;) Praying everyone stays healthy!