Sunday, December 29, 2013

All Is Fair...Among Twins...

I’m not complaining about twins. They develop an exceptional ability to share things and rarely fight. 

However, The Littles have also developed this sense of justice and equality. Where if there are two of something, one will be intrinsically better and they will reconcile this difference.

Exhibit A: 

IMG 8369

The pajamas were different. One was better in their minds so one their own, they just split the jams (Their name for pajamas).

But the one they can’t settle?

The identical and beloved “bear lovies”. One is better and the spend approximately half of their 24 hours with this critter.

IMG 8363

The difference is in the mouth (seriously?) and one is “cuter”. We might have to go back two years and reinstitute our “Pick Day" for The Littles.


We are heading South today for a conference. It may be quiet around here this week as I don’t think I’ll have internet access. Hey, we might be surprised. :)

Prayer Points:

-Safe travels


-Spiritual refreshment


Britni said...

:) Praying! safe travels.

Christen Leigh said...

Hehe! That is so funny about the bears. Adorable picture of them!