Monday, December 23, 2013

Twas the Eve Before Christmas...

Technically, Christmas Eve's Eve and life’s been full. I know, for you too.

We’ve got lots of pictures, nothing super Christmassy in theme but I am motivated by the fact that my grandma’s regularly check my blog.  I don’t want to leave them bored. :)

IMG 7590

We’ve did some touring, went to the national museum.

IMG 7668

There are very few barriers between priceless, historical artifacts and bored children. which leads to the invention of a point system every time we catch them not touching something. 

IMG 7720

The Littles were so impressed we were going to a palace of an emperor and we got there and they were nonplussed that it was a large, round building with a thatched roof.

IMG 7742

Good to get out of the city...

IMG 7868

Jon plays soccer on Saturdays.

IMG 7908

A first birthday party...

IMG 8007

Friends to make

IMG 8017

IMG 8068

Christmast celebrations with friends (where Jon and I tried to tell the Christmas story in Amharic). Laughable at best but good to try.


Merry Christmas to all.

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