Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Washing Laundry In The Nile

We walked in stride, each with a child on our backs. We tried to chat as I eked out amharic phrases as we walked towards the Nile, her children running behind her.

IMG 6786Surprising to me, life in a previously alien place, now has a feeling of normalcy; however, I’m often caught bewildered as I reflect on how life is as an American, what it holds and what it would be like, walking a mile in another women’s shoes.

Maybe she wondered what I was doing, walking just for fun with sights to see and why I had a four year old on my back, at a prime age to haul water.

IMG 6795
We exchanged smiles as she heaved her laundry off her head. She has a busy day. I do too, right?


Sarah said...


Sheila said...

Wow. No words, amazing perspective

Mindy said...

I'll 3rd the, Wow.