Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Here

As mentioned in the last post, we’re back in Addis and facing a language school assessment tomorrow. 


After our bumpy 4th of July this summer, I didn’t know what to expect my emotions to be on Thanksgiving. Mostly in part to your prayers, the day went smoothly. Though we were hanging with people from Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Ireland and Australia, everyone graciously gave thanks with the Americans. We didn’t get to eat turkey or any of the fixings (can’t wait to eat turkey someday. When we go on home assignment, I am going to make a huge bird, all. for. me. :)) but the Lord filled our hearts with thankfulness at God’s gracious provision in our life.

We missed our families dearly but don’t get the wrong impression that we were suffering on Thanksgiving. :)

IMG 6636

Our early morning Thanksgiving snack. (Three families stayed in the main house where the meetings were held, which worked great for nap times and bedtimes!) 

IMG 6643

The morning started out with a birthday party. 

IMG 6682

And then we went out for lunch at a beautiful restaurant and I feasted.

IMG 6678

New friendships formed from all over the world. Newcomers from Switzerland.

IMG 6690

Time enjoying God’s creation at Lake Tana.

IMG 6694

Birthday celebration #2.

IMG 6718

Swimming after lunch

IMG 6742

And thanks to the labor of an American teammate, Jenny, the night ended with games, pumpkin pie and real whip cream. Served in a giant injera dish. A nice representation of our new culture smash up.  



Meredith said...

You used to have an idea list of things people could send you in a care package on your side bar. We wanted to send ya'll a little something and the only thing I can remember is chocolate chips :)

my email is meredithalagorga @ hotmail dot com if you wouldn't mind sending a little list to me :)

Sheila said...

Beautiful picture of the four of you! I second the list of items! Sheilarm29@yahoo dot com :)