Monday, December 16, 2013

Saint Lucia

Last Friday night, The Littles were belting out, “Feliz Navidad” as they were dressing in their Ethiopian dresses (because whenever they choose what they want to wear, those dresses win. every. time.) so they would be ready to attend a program about the Scandinavian Christmas tradition of Saint Lucia at our neighboring international Swedish school.

IMG 7188

We chose a hillside perch as I wasn’t sure how long The Littles would last. We didn’t realize that the 6:00 start time meant we would wait until 7:00 to start.

IMG 7189

Saint Lucia.

Do any of you remember the American Girl doll, Kirsten? She apparently has Scandinavian roots.


IMG 7196

And by the time the program started, These Littles were playing a made up game entitled by Little A, “Roly Poly” which involved them tumbling around in the dry grass, while laughing incessantly.

IMG 7212

Learning something new everyday. 

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