Friday, December 6, 2013


IMG 7116

We have not been consistent with The Littles’ preschool program. It’s not too stressful as they are in preschool but it’s hard to follow structure after a day of language school. One day last week, while I made dinner, Jon went out to do the readings with the girls. At one point, there were eight children gathered around. Not a bad way to do schooling. :)


Christen Leigh said...

Such a cute picture!

Walking by Faith said...

Many people (it seemed like every homeschooler out there) told us not to stress over preschool - and to not really do much. We jumped right in, ignoring the general consensus. :) And I'm glad we did. Looking back, I can see those first attempts at education as a practice run. I learned a lot about my teaching style, how our children best learned, how to fit education into our routines around the home, etc. There were many good lessons learned...more for me than the kids!! It is such a joy to learn alongside our kiddos!