Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Creating Christmas

Before our regularly scheduled post, a special request:

We are friends with a young man who has left a deep impression on us. He is a man of God and is working and trying to take weekend classes to get another degree from a more remote location. He is trying to get a leadership degree as he would like to use this training to unite the church. He is hindered to do this by his lack of laptop. He has saved up some money for a basic lap top (not at prices here though). In the off chance someone has a new/gently used, in great working condition laptop they are looking to sell, please let me know. Or, if someone rocks the bargaining world and could get a very affordable basic laptop, also let me know. amy.gerst @ sim. org

Thanks for considering this. Bless You!


Doing our best to get in the Christmas spirit, decorations are hung and the sound of carols waft through our apartment.

IMG 7123

It’s not the same, very different but it’s good. 

IMG 7159

There are elements that are the same. Chiefly, the reason we celebrate Christmas, to commemorate Jesus, coming as a child in the flesh, for the great rescue plan of mankind. Yes, that most definitely has not changed.

IMG 7169

But as the sun shines in and my nose is a little sunburned, it most definitely doesn’t feel like December. As we hear plans of family get togethers and church Christmas programs, it doesn’t feel like December. But different isn’t wrong and we pray we can embrace our December here, thankful the reason we celebrate is consistent regardless of where we live.

IMG 7150

We were doing a kindness advent (each day, we planned an act of service for someone) but I’ve not been consistent at all, an Advent drop out you could say. I've regrouped and we are back on the wagon as of this weekend. I did substantially simplify our acts of service because it was just one more thing I shoved into an already busy day.  Here are three awesome links that friends (Thanks Leah and Jenna) have referred us to that can help your children focus on the true meaning of Christmas. 

Many of the ideas on the first two sites don’t translate here but I love ‘em!

Thirty One Days of Kindness

Pitter Patter Art Advent

LIfesong for Orphans Advent Calendar

And unrelated to any act of service, some fun Christmas-y activities. 

IMG 7166


How are you spreading Christmas cheer?


leah said...

glad you liked that pitter patter blog -- i loved following her last year. praying for you guys as you learn to experience Christmas in Africa! :)

Stacy of KSW said...

Oh Amy I'm so glad you linked to us so we could find this post, we'd love to have you link it up to this years version of 31 days of Kindness -- you fit right in! http://kidsstuffworld.com/2013/12/season-giving-31-days-spreading-joy/