Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blue Nile Falls

We hiked to the river and boarded a boat. As I was telling The Littles, “Hey, this is the Nile River” I was struck with the sheer awesomeness that we were on a boat, on the NILE RIVER. 
IMG 6746
Our first glimpse of the Nile
IMG 6805
And then we hiked (Little J was not feeling well and fell asleep in Jon’s pack). 
IMG 6815
When we heard the gushing of water, we were relieved as some days the falls are diverted to hydroelectric dams and so nothing comes over the falls. Coming around a bend, this site from afar greeted us.
IMG 6830
This suspension bridge was built by the Swiss and expanses a DEEP ravine. At least one hundred feet down to the river. (We are on the close end in this pic)
IMG 6841
We got off in a hurry because the donkey was nervous to cross when people were on the bridge.
IMG 6878
Only seeing is believing this place.
IMG 6925
They did not disappoint.
IMG 6929
Misted by the Falls
IMG 6936
IMG 6975
The remainder of the time was spent trying to catch the mist
IMG 6979

IMG 6984
A morning well-spent.
IMG 6779
IMG 6774
 Living in Ethiopia, vibrant with tradition and a rich history, we are blessed to partake. 


Jess said...

Oh wow--that looks amazing! And it is so crazy that you just, you know, crossed the Nile while you were at it. : ) Love you guys!

Mindy said...

AMAZING!!!!! I love the untouched beauty in the pictures...not a tourist trap like it would be in the US.

Ashton said...

So absolutely beautiful!

Christen Leigh said...

Wow this is amazing!! I am commenting late--but I just scrolled through these pictures a second time and they are just as beautiful! :) jealous I didn't get to skype with you the other day but glad chad got to! Love you all!

Kim Plattner said...

Gorgeous! I'd love to see that part of Ethiopia some day!! : )