Sunday, November 7, 2010

Air Zoo

Happy Monday Everyone!  Good to see you.  :)

Before I launch into this post, I just want to say that you have all blessed my socks off!  I have had a chance to chat with a few people about Orphan Sunday Events…and WOW…

Let this growing momentum carry us into a life of active service on behalf of the orphan! 

Onto the Air Zoo.  We were able to meet Jon’s family in Kalamazoo, MI last week and visit the Air Zoo.  It was really cool, a definite unique spot to visit.

There were 5 kids and 7 adults and the kids did incredible!

11-7 233

Exiting a 3-D theater

11-7 238 

The best picture I got of all the grandkids.  They enjoyed their snack time while the adults flew in flight simulators.

11-7 229

11-7 234

11-7 250

11-7 252

11-7 255

I get motion sick really easy, so I made Jon promise to be nice and not make me steer (I don’t trust myself), I didn’t want to go upside down.  He was very nice.  He must have known I was serious, he didn’t even test the limits. :)

11-7 261

Paige and Hudson kept jumping into the double stroller, which was fine because J and A both preferred to be held.

11-7 264

Thanks Mom and Dad!  We had so much fun!


Wells L said...

Well technically it's still Sunday . . . the clock was only to be moved backward one hour, not up a whole day. Just kidding. I realize you don' know me, but I meant it as a joke. I'm friends of Susie T. and I fell confident she would confirm my humor.
Happy Monday to you as well.
Love your blog! Your girls are adorable!

JakeGman said...

We had a you guys!!!