Friday, November 5, 2010

Mornings, A Love/Hate Relationship

Jon: (sometime in the early morning) Bye Baby, love you.

Me: auuugmmmov you. (thinking to myself, I am so glad I get to keep sleeping!)

Back to sleep

Baby Monitor: lots of delightful baby sounds

Me: (stumbling into their room, putting in pacies, adjusting sleep positions) Babies, night, night, it’s too early to get up, night night.

Baby Monitor: delightful baby sounds have gained force

And this is where I do NOT like the mornings.  It always seems they come to quickly.

Me: (praying for grace for the day. 5 minutes pass) Good Morning babies!

And this is where I DO like the mornings.

The girls are pure snuggles and smiles in the morning.  I usually get Little J out of her crib first and she gets so excited to see Little A in her crib. She smiles at her and waves.  I let Little J in Little A’s crib for a bit and they play and talk. They wave at daddy’s picture and giggle each time I give them some lovin’s.

Then they look through books.  Little J loves snuggles in the morning and nestles on Little A’s shoulder. 

11-5 022

11-5 027

Okay, okay, maybe mornings aren’t so bad after all.  :)


mamamargie said...

Love the upside down book! :)

Q said...

a true sign of a mother's heart, the ability of a child to erase from your mind all the negative. i love how they smell in the mornings. just a deep inhale of them, washes away all my grumpiness.

Holli said...

want to switch twins in the morning? haha!!
no delightful sounds coming from the hall way. just screams and WAY TO EARLY! -of course only on my mornings! They always "sleep in" for their dad!


Nathan and Rachel said...

that is so cute, Amy! Layla is also soooo sweet in the mornings--I love it:) I am amazed, though--do your girls really sit on a chair and read the books? if that was layla she would dive off head first, i know it!

Laurie J said...

I'm sooo not a morning person! But I have 4 cutie pies to wake up to....can totally! haha. thanks for this!