Monday, November 22, 2010

Some May Call It Crazy…

I prefer to call it spontaneous and adventurous.  My dear friend, Heather, had a baby and she lives about 2 1/2 hours away.  Another dear friend, Stef, suggested we visit Heather and sweet little Beckham.  So, we did a quick trip, Stef, the Littles, her little (same age as Little J and Little A) and myself. 

The girls were supposed to take naps on the way.  All three of them. And while they eventually did all take naps, we started with a chorus of three screamers in the backseat of the mini-van.  That is enough to make most lose heart but we pressed on in anticipation.  It was totally worth it. :)

11-16 273

The Littles didn’t lose anytime after arrival to start their terrorizing of the house.

11-16 296

Heather and 5-day old Beckham.  She is the only woman I have ever known that is wearing heels around her house, 5 days after having a baby.  Seriously, she is incredible.

11-16 287

11-16 292

Loving Barclay the dog. 

Heather, Stef, Brandy and I roomed together in college.  We have four girls around the same age and I was really hoping Heather would have a girl.  However, after thinking about it, all of our girls have to room together, 4 to an apartment. So, it’s perfect and one of them can just marry Beckham.  :)


Mindy said...

So fun! Glad you were able to visit Heather & Beckham! Heather wearing heels made me smile and somehow didn't surprise me much! :) She looks fabulous for just having a baby.

Allison said...

Love this!! I'm ready for all of my friends to have babies so mine will have friends :)The girls are adorable!!

MamaMimi said...

What fun! And heels?!? I just can't even belive that! I think we need photographic proof =) {did I just make up that word? lol}

Heather said...

So glad that you and Stef made the trip to come see me Ames! Thanks for being adventurous! and just to clarify on the heals I was wearing for everyone out there who thinks I'm crazy.. they were small wedges :)