Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scarves, Scarves and More Scarves! Inventory pictures

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Your response has been awesome!  Do to your quick response, I am posting my inventory today! Remember, ALL proceeds go to benefit AIDS orphans and sexually exploited women in Ethiopia.  You are my test market, we have a lot of different kinds of scarves and I guess we can figure out here what sells and what doesn’t!

Scarves are $10 unless otherwise indicated.

A few suggestions of where you could give these:

-What women doesn’t love a scarf?!?

-An adoptive Mama, waiting for her child to come home

-Your child’s dress up box

-A great conversation piece to initiate talk about the world’s orphans where you can advocate on their behalf!

Little J and Little A were my models but Little A is in a lot more pictures because she was much more in the mood to cooperate for the camera.

Group A


Lightweight scarves

Approximate dimensions: 92X16

Scarves for Sale 025

Scarves for Sale 089

Group B


These are gorgeous, also lightweight, can be used to wrap around as a skirt, go around your shoulders, neck, head. Would be great table runners.

These look great around the neck with a sweater or shirt.


Scarves for Sale 027

Scarves for Sale 082

Or can be a great way to play peek-a-boo…

Scarves for Sale 096

Group C


Gauzy, shimmery scarves.  Perfect for all those little girls in your Christmas pageants.


Scarves for Sale 057

Scarves for Sale 108

Group D


Warm, crocheted scarves, could fit kids


Scarves for Sale 037

There are also shawls made of this cream yarn.  These are very warm!  It is like wearing a blanket. It is the perfect size for a lap blanket, which excites me as lap blankets save our marriage in the winter on long car trips.  :) (Jon is always HOT and I am always COLD). 

Group E


Beautiful scarves with a sheen, made to be bunchy. Love these.


Scarves for Sale 090

Group F

These are more traditional looking scarves, great gifts for any Mama in the adoption process!  Also a great way to celebrate Ethiopian holidays or for kids who love to play dress up! (I still love to play dress up!)


Scarves for Sale 093

Group G

Another set of more traditional scarves, the border has this color that is sheen and the middle is all cream.  Group F and Group G are very typical of what the people in Ethiopia wear.  These are very large, could make a skirt for a little girl.

Dimensions: 84X30

Scarves for Sale 099

Group H

These are super soft!  Very bright, some have sheen. All have a small border. Also great around the neck.

Dimensions: 82X25

Scarves for Sale 105

Group I


These are smaller scarves, either great for little kids as a neck scarf or an awesome headwrap!  I like to use one like this for boating or hiking.

Dimensions: 46X12

Scarves for Sale 075

(and as Little A found, it makes you very acrobatic)
Scarves for Sale 080 

Scarves for Sale 106

So, interested in ordering?  E-mail me at

Include in the e-mail your mailing address, what group you are interested in purchasing from and what colors you prefer. (Maybe mention a few colors as I may run out of something).

If you live in my area, call me and you can stop by to purchase.

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Kristen said...

The sparkly, gauzy ones are gone!? So sad, I was going to hint around about what I might want for Christmas. :) Little A (hope I got that right...) made it look so cool. Seriously, I love the pics of the girls in the scarves.